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Summer Paint Jam 2021: Update #1

Hello all!

I wanted to make a blog dedicated to giving continued updates on the event! The Summer Paint Jam 2021 will be on June 26th & 27th from 9:00AM - Dark. Registration will open on May 1st, 2021 at 8:00AM and will close on June 4th at 8:00AM. Make sure to complete a form if you are wanting to participate this year.

Once registration is closed, Kansas and Stephen will go through all of the forms that are filled out PROPERLY, and decide what all artists will be able to participate in the summer event. There are limited spaces for these events, so please don't feel left out or have any bad feelings if you don't get selected. We have 3 of these events a year and they are almost always filled up completely, so please try again at the next event.

After we select which artists will be participating, we will then select a spot for the artists to paint at. Once we have all of the spots filled, we will post a map on here with the numbered walls, and a list with the artists and the slot they were given. If you subscribe to this blog you will get notifications of when we post the map and other updates. We will be also be ending emails out to the artists, but not all artists check their emails periodically and sometimes don't get back with us for a while. So to make it easier for everyone, we will have everything posted here. Please check back here before emailing us about your slot.

*NEW FOR THIS SUMMER* We are wanting to try something different this round. We are asking participating artists to donate a decorated or painted old spray can to the park when you show up. The cans will be set up for a silent auction where all proceeds will go to help out with future jams. You can take the cans to the table up front in the main parking lot of the park. We will have all of the cans set up together in one section. The auction will start noon Saturday, June 26 at 12:00PM and run to Sunday, June 27th at 5:00PM.

*CAMPING* We have lost access to the field across the street for camping. If you are wanting to camp, it will need to be on PARK PROPERTY or at Kansas's house located about 7 mins away from the park (please ask for address).

*SATURDAY NIGHT AFTER PARTY* The party will be hosted at Kansas's house again (address will be posted at the park the day of). There will be FREE food and drinks. This is a great time to come hang out, meet all of the artists, and relax after painting all day.

Rose, Graffiti, Mural
Artist: @jonragoe_tattoos

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