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Abstract Painting

about us

   There is a train that rolls through town with almost every car covered in graffiti. Most of these were painted in a train yard late at night, illegally. Some of that art is absolutely amazing.


What  if  these  artists  had  a  place  they  could  paint,  legally ? 


   Think of what they could create if they had a safe, secure place to express themselves however they want on a blank wall? It's no longer “graffiti” with the bad connotations, it transforms itself into a mural. Cities are hosting events to have artists come and paint these huge murals on their buildings as a tourist attraction, but we are doing it a little different. We have created an Art Park for the artists to paint in at their own discretion. The park has a walk trail, meandering through the trees, on a side hill just on the edge of Waverly, TN. There are 30 walls of different lengths & heights to paint on, which comes out to 80 different surfaces that are open to the public, and a total of 15,000 sq ft of paintable surface. The largest wall is 70’ long x 16' high. The Art Park will be open from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year, for painters and art lovers alike. Come take a stroll through the long shaded trails and see the new masterpieces appearing daily.


   Of course the walls will all get painted and filled up, then what? Well, we paint over them and start again. Yes the art will be lost, but we will catalog everything on our Facebook & IG Account. We want to keep the Art Park fresh and new for all the art enthusiasts to enjoy. If you are an artist or if you aspire to be one here is a great place to hone your craft. We hope you will stop see the art or maybe create a mural or graffiti piece for others to enjoy.



5. no  alcohol  products  please.  smoking  tobacco  permitted  in  designated  areas  only.

1. This  park  was  built  for  you  to  paint  on  the walls  only.  it  was  designed  for  you  to  have  a place  to  express  your  art.  please  only  paint  on the  walls. 

2. Choose  any  wall  you  want.  when  you  finish  put  the  date  in  the  top  right  corner.  give  art  enthusiasts time  to  see  the  art.  respect  the  date  and  don't  paint  over  for  at  least  30  days.

3. please  take  all  trash  with  you.  we  have  limited  receptacles.  let's  keep  our  park  clean. 

6. no  motorized  vehicles  on  the  trails. 

4. please  do  not  paint  profanity's  or  lewd  pictures.  remeber  the  park  is  open  to  all  ages. 


if you would like to donate, we would greatly appreciate it. you can send it to our paypal account. Your donation will help maintain and expand the art park in the future. 

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